Maintenance Cleaning Services

Coming Home Should Be Your Sanctuary, Not a Second Job

After a long day, your home should be your retreat, not another source of chores. With our Maintenance Cleaning service, you can relish the joy of returning to a consistently spotless home. 

Let us take care of the cleaning while you invest time in what you love – family, hobbies, or just relaxing.


Need Home Cleaning? We've Got You Covered!

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Why Choose Our Maintenance Cleaning Services?

Consistent Cleanliness

Enjoy the perpetual comfort of a clean home. Choose the frequency that suits your lifestyle, and we’ll ensure your space is always pristine and inviting.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our expert team meticulously cares for every part of your home. From the front door to the back, every surface, nook, and cranny will reflect perfection.

Personalized Service

Your home and lifestyle are unique, and your cleaning service should be too. We customize our services to fit your schedule, preferences, and specific home needs.

What's Included In Maintenance Cleaning?

Our service is thorough, covering every area of your home to ensure complete cleanliness:


  • Wipe Down Appliances: Ensuring a gleaming kitchen ready for culinary adventures.
  • Countertop Care: Spotless surfaces to welcome your groceries or next meal preparation.
  • Sink and Stove: Sparkling and ready for use.


  • Scrubbed Toilets and Showers: A hygienic, fresh bathroom every day.
  • Cleaned Countertops: Tidy and ready for your morning and evening routines.


  • De-clutter and Make Beds: Walk into tranquility with neatly made beds and organized space.
  • Dust and Clean Surfaces: Every item and surface dust-free and polished.

All Areas:

  • Empty Bins: No lingering trash or odors.
  • Vacuum and Mop: Clean floors to welcome your every step.
  • Dust Thoroughly: A comprehensive dusting to maintain a fresh, allergen-free environment.

Focus on High-Traffic Areas:

Special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, ensuring these vital spaces are hygienic, clean, and welcoming.

Housework Shouldn't Be Your Full-Time Job

We believe your time is invaluable. While cleaning is our passion, we want you to focus on yours. Leave the dusting, vacuuming, and mopping to us. With Luminous Cleaning Services, your home isn’t just cleaned; it’s cared for.

Ready for a Clean, Stress-Free Home?

Schedule your Maintenance Cleaning today and transform your everyday living experience. Your time is precious—spend it on what you love, and let us handle the rest.

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